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Fortune Miners is an investment company specializing in Cryptocurrency trading and mining. Our Services may develop over time. This means that we may make changes, or replace our Services at any time for any reason but with sufficient notice.

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Investment Policy

General Principles

Mining Assets is committed to providing investment services that prioritize transparency, diligence, and client-centricity. Our investment policy is designed to guide our approach and ensure that our clients’ best interests are protected.

We believe in thorough research, analysis, and risk management when it comes to investment decisions. Our goal is to provide our clients with well-informed recommendations that align with their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and financial circumstances.

Investments in our Starter Plan minimum is limited to once. This means you will need to increase your investment capital if you desire to keep investing in the Starter Plan.

Investment Objectives

Our primary objective is to help our clients achieve their investment goals while minimizing risks. We strive to provide investment strategies and opportunities that align with our clients’ long-term growth objectives, capital preservation, or income generation needs.

We prioritize diversification and asset allocation to mitigate risk and maximize potential returns. Our investment team conducts extensive research and analysis to identify investment opportunities across various asset classes, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies, traditional equities, bonds, and alternative investments.

Risk Management

Mining Assets recognizes that all investments carry a certain degree of risk. We are committed to implementing robust risk management practices to protect our clients’ capital and optimize risk-adjusted returns.

Our risk management approach includes ongoing monitoring of portfolio performance, diversification across different investment types, asset allocation strategies, and regular assessment of market conditions. We also consider our clients’ risk tolerance and investment preferences when formulating investment recommendations.

Due Diligence and Research

Mining Assets maintains a rigorous due diligence process to evaluate potential investment opportunities. Our investment team conducts thorough research, including analysis of market trends, financial statements, and regulatory factors, to assess the viability and potential risks of each investment.

We rely on a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify investments that align with our client’s objectives. This includes evaluating historical performance, assessing the management team, analyzing industry trends, and considering macroeconomic factors that may impact the investment’s potential.

Client Communication and Reporting

Mining Assets values open and transparent communication with our clients. We strive to provide regular updates and reports that offer insights into investment performance, portfolio allocations, and market conditions.

Our clients can expect timely and comprehensive reporting that enables them to make informed decisions about their investments. We are readily available to address any questions or concerns that may arise regarding investment performance, strategy, or market dynamics.